Browning Piano Services

London Piano Tuner – Piano Repairs and Tuning by Browning Piano Repairs

We are specialists in piano repairs of all kinds as well as tuning. Pianos are our expert field, it’s all we do, and we have been doing it for 35 years. We don’t do organs, we don’t do guitars, just pianos, pianos, pianos. Our family business was established in 1977, at the Oxford Piano Workshop – which became the biggest dealership in the city.

Our piano repairs are carried out to the highest standards using top quality materials and parts. If you have a piano that needs repair, then please call or email us. We will inspect your instrument and provide you with all the options for the piano.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and will only offer cost effective options in line with the value of your piano. When we carry out your piano repairs we always ensure you end up with the best possible result. There is no point spending money on a piano that is simply not worth it. You will receive an expert assessment and advice backed up by our experiences servicing thousands of happy customers.