Browning Piano Services

Repair or Replace your Instrument?

By Browning Piano Services

It is usually better to repair the piano you already own than to buy a new one, for a number of reasons:

We will give you all the options and possibilities when we come to inspect your piano, and help you save the most money and achieve the best result.  Our piano repairs are second to none and our customers are invariably delighted with the results.  If the piano is past reasonable repair and it would be better to replace it, we will tell you in no uncertain terms and give you free advice depending on what you require.  Surprisingly, some piano problems which appear to be major can be fixed easily and quickly, whereas other more serious issues are only discovered by careful inspection.

Call Browning Piano Repairs for precise lasting piano repairs.  We will tell you the quality of your piano, how it compares to others, and give you a range of options. Some customers are concerned over touch response, others have broken parts, notes not working etc.  The piano may need new strings.  Some may want the keys themselves whitened or repaired.  Many people want a richer fuller tone – which we can usually produce at minimum cost. Some want a great polish finished cabinet, others don’t care as they suspect the piano will be physically attacked by well armed children.  For the next few years at least, the appearance may not matter, but the sound, touch and pitch would be of utmost importance.

Most of our piano repairs do not involve the cost and disruption of removing the entire piano from your house.  Parts can be taken to the workshop and other work done in situ.