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London Piano Tuner – Moths! – Yes, Moths!  Is Your Piano Safe?

More and more pianos are becoming infested by moths.  These cause enormous and expensive damage to the piano itself, and the piano also acts as a haven in which they can live, breed and spread throughout the house, infesting clothes closets, carpets, soft furnishings, etc.

The warm urban environment and central heating have increased their breeding patterns and numbers. Many people do not see them. They are small, inconspicuous and tend not to fly around most of the time, and when they do it is often at night unseen. They lay their larvae inside the mechanics of the piano – in the action and keybed in particular, and set up home there.

On every visit we carefully check for larvae and damage by dismantling parts of the piano, and if they are found we will treat them if not too far advanced, or treat and replace destroyed felts when required. We have specialist techniques for this, and can also treat other pests within, which may sometimes be found.