Browning Piano Services

Tone Improvement – One of our finest services.

By Browning Piano Services

Very often a piano becomes more and more harsh and ‘tinny’ sounding as time goes on. It is a subtle process like a child growing up, you don’t notice it while you are living with it but eventually it is common to all pianos.

Even after tuning the piano still sounds too bright and harsh. There is too much ‘attack’ on impact of the hammer; it is hard on the ear. Our tone restoration service will radically change that and help to bring back the original rich, sweet and even tone your piano once possessed.  We can transform the sound – more profoundly in many respects than tuning itself. It is a lot cheaper than buying a new piano – your piano merely needs our expertise!

In rare cases a piano may sound too soft and mushy in tone.  This is an unusual problem – often improvable, but we would need to examine it to determine the course of action and advise you of its potential.